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Burkina Faso

Plainsgame & Wingshooting

Burkina Faso (ex Haute Volta) covers 106 000 square miles with a population of 10 million inhabitants. Altitude is 650-1650 ft. The capital is Ouagadougou; it is bordered in the North by Mali, in the East by Niger, in the West by Mali and Ivory Coast, in the South by Ghana, Togo and Benin. The country is poor in natural resources; agriculture is the main source of income. The North is a dessert region, the wetter West is agricultural and is covered with shrubby savannah which the wild animals love. This country remains one of the most abounding in game of West Africa. We find a lot of Elephants, Hippos, Crocodiles, Buffaloes, Lions and many varieties of antelope, Warthogs and Monkeys.

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso Regions


It is dry and temperate in December and January (temperatures may vary from 50 degrees F to 30 degrees F), so warm clothes are therefore recommended in the morning and the evening. The climate is hotter in February and March (from 65 degrees F to 104 degrees F) and very hot in April (up to 122 degrees F). The rain season begins in June and ends in October.


At your arrival at the International Airport of Ouagadougou, you are welcomed by our host and a PH from Kuche Safaris and we personally deal with custom formalities. As soon as you leave the airport, you are immediately transferred to a Hotel or to the camp, depending on your arrival time. The transfer back is organized in the same. Because of the late flights back, you leave the camp in the morning and luggage are registered in the afternoon. You will be picked up in a good quality vehicle.


Our main camp is located at 3 ½ hours from Ouagadougou, 45 minutes from Fada Gourma, the 5th city of the country, at only 9 miles from the tarred road and at 1 mile from the hunting area. It is made up of 12 air conditioned separate bungalows and 6 ventilated bungalows with shower, a large dining room and a saloon bar. Food is prepared daily. A generator supplies electricity, a water drilling and reservoir allow running water. Laundry is available every day in the camp, so there’s no need for a lot of clothing. The Bush camp is located at the very South end of the hunting area, 2 ½ hours away from the main camp, built in a local traditional way (“seccos wood”). It is equipped with a generator, a freezer, a stove and shower.


We advice you to bring cotton clothes of green, beige and dark colors for plains game. Comfortable walking shoes (not new ones), cotton socks, trousers & long sleeved shirts, T-shirts, a cap, a bush hat, sun glasses, flashlight, binoculars, multi-function Swiss knife, a soft rifle case, cartridge holder.

Formalities / Vaccinations

We take care of all formalities. We just need you valid passport with visa forms filled in by yourself (cost of a visa = 20 Euros) and data form DA4457 related to your rifle to set up the hunting license and incoming rifle licenses, together with 4 passport photographs. A vaccination such as yellow fever is compulsory. Antitenaus and Meningitis serums are recommended, plus an anti malaria treatment.

The territory

The hunting game area extends on 444 790 acres, it is a natural reserve exploited as a Game Ranch for 4 hunting seasons. Animals are exceptionally numerous, hunting success is nearly guaranteed at 100% (except lion hunting at 75%) You will encounter a lot of protected animals, such as Elephants, Panthers, Cheetahs and Crocodiles, they are not for hunting.

The WING SHOOTING AREA is located one hours drive maximum from the camp. A Great deal of sedentary birds such as guinea fowls, Turtle doves, sound grouses, Francolins, Green pigeons together with Hares, live on that territory, no quota is imposed. With a wing shooting license, you can also have an extended right to hunt warthogs & Oribis in plains.


A 4x4 vehicle fleet, made up of a Toyota Land Cruiser specifically equipped for hunting is at your disposal.

Hunting Period

From December 1 to April 15 with the best time in Mid February to Mid March.

Hunting game

How we hunt:

Plains game: Early departure in the morning with team allocated for the whole stay (a driver, trackers and professional hunter). Search for fresh prints and stalking. Hunting is practiced by stalking under the responsibility of your guide and tracker. The order of shooting an animal is given by the PH’s. Guaranteed emotion! Buffalo hunting is practiced by tracking, whereas lions and antelopes are approached. Bush lunch and coming back to the camp before nightfall.

Wings hooting: Early departure in the morning for guinea-fowl, francolins, hares, pigeons and rock hens. In the evening, all around pond, turtle doves, sand grouses and pigeons plus approaching for the warthogs, monkeys and duikers..

Arms and ammunition

Preferably bring with your personal guns gauges 12 for wing shooting. For the gauges 20, advise us in advance. For rifles advised gauges (8x685, 9.3x62, 375 HH and more) Rifles can be hired. Shells are available at the hunting camp. Bow hunt is also possible.

Taxidermist and preparation of trophies

The field preparation is carried out on the spot by the skinner. We arrange at the end of the season, to have your trophies shipped to the place agreed upon with you. We have arranged with Wesco shipping a new York based company with several offices over the USA to assist with this.

Hunting permits

For hunting permits two photographs are necessary. The license on plains game allows you to shoot animals such as lion, buffalo and antelopes. The license on wing shooting, birds, warthogs, duiker and baboon.

License Plains Game: 400Euro
License Wing shooting: 300 Euro
Rifle License at Airport : 100Euro per rifle


For safety measure, it is forbidden to have loaded rifles in the vehicle.

For a wounded animal not found, you are charged a double fee. (See price-list)

It is forbidden to shoot young males and females, the trophy fee is doubled. (See price-list)

Trophy Prices

- Lion, 16 000, Euros

- Buffalo, 600, Euros

- Roan, 600, Euros

- (Sing Sing) Waterbuck, 430, Euros

- (Western) Hartebeest, 400, Euros

- (Common) Reedbuck, 350, Euros

- (Western) Cob, 420, Euros

- Bushbuck, 450, Euros

- Warthog, 120, Euros

- Oribi, 120, Euros

- Duiker, 150, Euros

- Baboon, 80, Euros

Non-hunter fee per day: 150 Euros

Tariffs 2012

Prestige Package
12 Days

- 1 Western Savannah Buffalo
- 1 Western Roan
- 1 Sing sing Waterbuck
- 1 Cob de Roseau or Bushbuck
- 1 Waterbuck or Hartebeest
- 1 Oribi or Common Duiker
- 1 Warthog

Package 1
9 Days

- 1 Western Savannah Buffalo
- 1 Hippotrague Roan
- 1 Western Cob or Bushbuck or Common Reedbuck
- 1 Oribi or Warthog

Package 2
9 Days

- 1 Buffalo or Roan
- 1 Waterbuck or Hartebeest
- 2 Antelopes (bushbuck, Sing sing Waterbuck, common reedbuck)

Package 3
6 Days

- 1 Buffalo or Hippotrague Roan
- 1 Sing sing Waterbuck or Bushbuck or Common Reedbuck

Package 4
6 Days

- 1 Buffalo or Hippotrague Roan
- 1 Waterbuck or Hartebeest

Package 5
6 Days

- 1 Buffalo
- 1 Hippotrague Roan

Package 6
8 Days

- 1 Buffalo
- 2 Antelopes (bushbuck, Bohar Reedbuck, Sing sing Waterbuck)

Package 7
10 Days

- 1 Lion

Packages Includes:

-          Transfers to and from the hunting camp
-          Full board during your hunting stay
-          Hotel and restaurant in Ouagadougou (1st night)
-          Hunting organization
-          A Professional hunter, tracker
-          Hunting license
-          Import gun permit
-          Field preparation of trophies
-          Trophy fees
-          Certificates of origin
-          Drinks

Packages Exclude:

-          Airfares to Ouagadougou
-          Visa
-          Trophy shipping
-          Tips and personal spending



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