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Taxidermy and your Trophies

We at Kuche safari will provide you with an experienced and affordable taxidermy who can help you finish off a perfect safari with perfect trophies. Insurance on your trophies can be arranged with the export shipping agency. This is advisable, affordable and in our opinion very important.

Your trophies are just as important to us as it is to you. We know this is the finish to a successful safari. This is the biggest part of your memories and we know this. We will take real good care of your trophies and will easily stop a hunt to take care of a trophy that has just been killed.
Our trained skinner (We take them regularly for updating) will take care of the skinning and salting of your trophy.
After the hunt we take the trophies to our taxidermist who we trust with our own trophies. We will take your order and confirm later if necessary.

You have the choice of 2 options:


Dip and Pack to do your trophies back home (Turn around time +/- 4 months)


Mount your trophies here in South Africa at very reasonable prices and where the taxidermy knows what they should look like. (Turn around time around 12 months to shipping agent)

The taxidermy will receive the trophies but will only start to work on them after a 50% deposit was paid to him. The difference to be paid after the work is completed. This deposit and payment can be done on the last day of your safari or you can pay it onto our USA account that we will provide when needed.
We would help you find a reliable cleaning agent on your side in your receiving part if you need one.

~ Click here to download our 2014 Taxidermy Pricelist ~


Show Dates 2016

Dallas CS
Jan 7-10

NRA Harrisburg PA
Feb 6-14

Backwoods OK City
Feb 26-28


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