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We at Kuche Safaris are hunters not experts on ballistics.However, we base our knowledge on what we see what works in the field and what not.

Bring a rifle that you are used too and feel comfortable with.A good accurate rifle, with a good penetration ability. African animals are tough and doesn’t bleed a lot, therefore shotplacement are more importand than calibre although it goes hand in hand.

I have seen Impala and Warthogs going for miles after good shots with big calibre rifles and then we have seen Eland killed with a 7mm calibre. Thus it is all about shot placement which the very most important part of your hunt.

It is therefore very important that you bring a rifle you can trust and one you are used to.We recommend 300 calibres upwards for bigger plainsgame. You will need about 40 rounds of good Ammo. Remember a dollar more for a good bullet is not a lot of money when you shoot at an expensive trophy animal.

Although there's a few rumors about the importation of your rifle in South Africa, 90% of them are not true. If you follow these easy steps, you will have no problems on your arrival in SA.

Importation of rifles

- A temporary import permit (SAPS 520) from the South African police service is required to bring your rifle into South Africa.

- You are allowed to bring 2 rifles per peron (NOT OF THE SAME CALIBER) and 5 pounds of ammunition for each rifle.

- We will apply for the permit on your behalf for free. Documentation needed are; Copies of passport, Customs declaration from DA 4457 and your Itinerary. Please complete the Rifle importation sheet under documentation on our website.

- NO semi-automatic/automatic rifles allowed.

Steps to follow

There are companys and individuals offering a importation service at a fee. It is not necessary, if you follow these easy steps it will save you money.

By law no automatic or semi-automatic rifles are allowed for hunting. Firearm permits are issued by the SAPS on your arrival at JHB airport. USA citizens must have a completed United States custom form number 4457 on arrival. When applying for this take your rifle with you for verification .Please bring a proof of ownership with you for the SAPS.

1. Obtain and Complete a SAPS520 form
- Complete in black ink
- Do NOT sign. (To be signed on arrival)
- Complete Sections

2. Obtain an US customs form 4457
- Remember to take your rifle with you for inspection.

3. Obtain a letter of Invitation
- supplied by your outfitter

4. Make copies of all the documents and have them put away in your hand luggage together with your plane ticket and passport on arrival.

South African professional hunters mainly use shooting sticks as the grass are normally to high for bi-pods.We recommend that you practice form shooting sticks in a standing position.You will do most of your shooting in this way.Shooting distances vary from 30 yards.

For your comfort we have hunting rifles available. Ammunition can be bought in town. For the conditions you will be hunting with a good telescope with a 4X - 6X which will be adequate.


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