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Hunting Areas

Hunting takes place in most of South Africa’s provinces.

Most of our standard hunting packages take place in two major areas. We hunt and combine our areas in the Limpopo, Northern Cape and Natal. These areas differ a lot from one another in topography and species.

The Limpopo consists mostly of thick acacia thorny brush and sandy flat areas. The Northern Cape is characterized by more open plains with very little tree cover and mountains. When hunting in the Northern Cape, longer distance shots are required and Natal is like a combination of the above.

" It’s a real advantage to hunt in two different areas on one safari to experience a little more of what this country has to offer."

We hunt in these different areas to provide you with a bigger variety of species. Our hunting does not support Put and Take hunts. In the Limpopo we hunt on +/- 70 000 acres. In the Northern Cape we have access to +/- 60 000 acres and one area in Natal is 90 square miles.

We also do some buffalo hunts in Natal towards the South coast where we offer you good Nyala, Cape Buffalo and other species which doesn’t occur in the Limpopo or Northern cape and maybe even because of the quality and size of the trophy aren’t the same.


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Dallas CS
Jan 7-10

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Feb 6-14

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Feb 26-28


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