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Our well trained chef will prepare some of the meat from animals that have been hunted. Dinner is mouthwatering and something you will look forward to.

Early in the morning the hunt starts off with a light English breakfast which is served with real coffee and fruit juice. After the morning hunt, brunch is served and then you can take the open spaces and hunt again.
Sometimes lunch is served in the field when hunting. This will be a light barbeque with sandwiches and snacks.

A three course meal is served after the day’s hunt. During the day coolers are provided with light snacks, water, soda and fruits. Foods are freshly prepared for every meal and you will be able to enjoy some of the meat of your hunt. You will not loose weight…haha. South Africa is one of the leaders in the world on top quality wines, and you can enjoy some of these after a days hunt, during dessert and afterwards around the fire place.

Please Note: If you have any medical condition (for ex: like Diabetes) that we should be aware of, please let us know before hand so that we can be ready to handle this to your satisfaction.


Show Dates 2016

Dallas CS
Jan 7-10

NRA Harrisburg PA
Feb 6-14

Backwoods OK City
Feb 26-28


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