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Ellisras/Lephalale is situated about 2760 foot above sea level. South Africa’s seasons are just the opposite of the USA. Our hunting areas are mostly in our summer rainfall areas which from November to March.

Below is a rough guide of our temperatures:

Months: March – April, Limpopo: 60 – 90, Northern Cape: 50 – 80
Months: May – June, Limpopo: 50 – 80, Northern Cape: 40 – 70
July is the coldest 40 – 70 and then it warms up from mid August onwards.       

Winter starts at the end of April with an average day temperature of about 70 degrees and night temperatures 60 degrees. We are in a summer rainfall area with normal rainfalls from Mid November to March the following year. Wintertime (June to mid August) hunting is done in lovely days and chilly nights. SPF 30 sunscreen or higher can be used in daytime hunting even during our wintertime.


Our suggestions to the client is to wear dark Khaki brown or green coloured clothing during the hunt. Long sleeved trousers and shirts are recommended for daytime hunting although some hunters prefer to wear short sleeved clothing. Cameo clothing is not needed but on bow hunts as dark as possible would help. Sometimes a hunt can turn out in a long walk and so we would suggest using light weight clothing. A light jacket is advisable for early in the morning and late afternoons.

We suggest that you bring light weight hiking boots with soft soles as well as two pairs of boots around ankle height. Please don’t bring new boots as this can ruin your hunt. You can pack light as a daily laundry service is provided.


Show Dates 2016

Dallas CS
Jan 7-10

NRA Harrisburg PA
Feb 6-14

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Feb 26-28


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